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The zooh! is a zoological garden on the outskirts of Zurich, Switzerland. Specifically it occupies a large area on the Zurichberg overlooking the lake of Zurich.

It is one of the best zoos in Switzerland and has benefited of many investments over the last decade and might now be amongst the greatest and biggest zoo in Europe. Similarly to the Singapore Zoo the zooh! is very active in conservation projects and education and awareness.

Of particular interest is a huge tropical greenhouse housing chameleons, lemurs, ducks, hamerkop and many other species from Madagascar. The greenhouse is dubbed Massoala for the Madagascar nature reserve of the same name. This greenhouse alone makes a visit to the zooh! worth the time and all the other beautifully landscaped enclosure. I’m actually not sure who’s the most comfortable there: the visitors or the captive animals.

During the 3 years I lived in Zurich and prior to the birth of my daughter, I have been a very frequent weekend visitor, developing a taste for animal photography and gaining some basic technique. Since then, I don’t miss an occasion to return to this place whenever I am back in Switzerland.

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