Silent again…

 A busy 6 weeks and it’s not over yet…

Head image: Dalmatian Pelican, image created at the Jurong Bird Park on 4 April 2015 with Canon EOS 7D Mark II with Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II at 263mm, ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/400, Evaluative metering.

There has not been much of an update over the last few weeks… I wish I had a better excuse — maybe a more glorifying reason — but it is simply lack of time and energy…

I’ve spend most of my time migrating my photo library from my beloved Aperture to the average Lightroom, I put some faith that the upcoming Lightroom 6 will bring the updates that are wished for long time by the community (and now by me), namely

  • More modern user interface, with better management of the screen real estate, and of course the great full screen mode on Mac
  • Better overall performance, especially with network based library (the cloud is good but first serve the pro/prosumer users with their owned infrastructure)
  • Ability to work with keywords AND synonyms (today synonyms are not usable in search for instance)—guess what, as my zoological nomenclature is based on latin and vernacular english is only there as synonym, my latin is improving but that’s not the objective…

not the only ones but these are on top of my list. Also I’m working on sorting the mass of images from my Japan trip in February (some progress there but patience is key…)

I’ve also started to expand my photographic skills, I’ve been so far pretty much specialised into ambient light photography and I’ve decided to widen my knowledge by learning lighting: this should allow me to capture better that elusive animal that is the homo sapiens sapiens… quite an interesting topic and skills that I hope to be able to transfer to my photography.

My daughter and I are working on a fun project: a bird trap… Don’t worry, not to actually trap birds but to study how to attract them, remaining respectful for their needs (e.g. not with bread which few know that is not healthy for birds, a bit like fast food for us humans) and for their well being, but to work on setups for better images.

Finally, I’m working on another project: trying to bring together my two passions: photography and computer programming… more will come on this hopefully in not too much time from now.

With a demanding professional life, my plate is pretty full and it does not leave much time to work on the website. Thankfully I still go out and shoot and experiment. Here from a recent visit at the Jurong Bird Park where I tried a new tool a Singh-Ray Blue-Gold Polarizer filter, great to create dramatic landscape but I figured what about birds? I’m not crazy about this image but this filter definitely has potential for great looking images…

Silent again...Christian C. Berclaz

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  1. Masami Yoshimura

    Always full of ideas.. and busy.. Looking forward to see how your project with your daughter goes.. along with your computer programming and photography project. I think it is a beautiful shot.

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