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The site has evolved since the migration to and with the beginning of 2014, It is time to review user registration and launch a newsletter, not to forget the site RSS feed.

User registration

First the user registration process was so far not ideal and needed to be addressed. So far most comments have been imported from Facebook discussions and I suspect that lack of comments posted on the site itself is due to its cumbersome registration requirements. From now on it will be easier to login using your usual social network profile, directly from the post itself. I will also keep the adhoc login page available as well, accessible from the main menu, as it allows to link your account to any of the social networks. For the time being you can log with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and

I will be glad to receive feedback and suggestions at


Starting this year, I will launch a regular newsletter providing a summary of the recent posts and other news to friends and regular visitors. Of course, initial subscribers can opt out from the email, this in line with current standards, also subscribers can let me know, via, whether they wish to receive their newsletter to a different email address.

Those wishing to subscribe to the newsletter can do so when registering as new user with the tick box at the bottom of the form, via the comment forms under the blog posts or directly in the below form [wysija_form id=”1″]


I will also be glad to receive feedback and suggestions on the newsletter at


Finally, you can keep up-to-date with the site by using the RSS feed. For iPhone and iPad users, I particularly recommend using Reeder together with

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