The Apple who didn’t fall far from the Tree

snow_white_photographerThere is nothing else than his kid’s talent to make a father proud!

My daughter, soon to be 9 years old, has since young age been interested by cameras and photography, as well as Disney Princesses, many plushes (so many in fact that we have a closet named “Teddies’ HDB” ) and Pixar movies.

Before 2 year’s old she was fascinated by daddy and his big eye and that she could she her image on the back of the big eye 🙂


soon after she started using her mum’s compact digital, mostly to capture her plushes and the TV set while watching a Disney cartoon (we have thousands of picture of Aladdin, the Genie, Belle, the Beast, etc all taken on the family TV). When we arrived in Asia, first in Hong Kong, she did not slow down but rather combined photography with outings with her parents


Some of her early work during her Hong Kong years were about smart phones (another fascination of her, which now is focused on iPhones) and of course her Disney Princesses, taken with her mum’s film camera

miss_photo_nb_1 miss_photo_nb_2

In Hong Kong she also invented the “camera duel”

_MG_8854 portrait_nb_chris

And during a trip in Borneo she showed her interest in big lenses with assistance from her mum

Bird watching trip in Borneo

Bird watching trip in Borneo

Fast forward a few years to 5 years old, just before moving to Singapore, she got a first DSLR, a Canon EOS 450D with a kit lens, to share with her mother who was transitioning from film SLR to digital. Soon she was coming with her father at the bird park or the zoo with her camera (which she dubbed “bidule” french word for contraption) equipped already with a Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM zoom.


Last year she was diagnosed with light Asperger autism which is the cause for some stress, but still bearable, in her social relations with kids of her age and in some other situations where she feels insecure. However there is one thing that has and continue to calm her down and focus her energy: photography. And she is showing more and more talent at it.

We recently decided with her to upgrade her kit and she got a brand new Canon EOS 60D which at the moment is quite a steal at current street price (it’s likely that Canon will upgrade this relatively old camera this summer). Whilst it is an enthusiast camera it is small enough for her still small hands and she likes using it more and more (I actually have a lot of fun with it too — when she lends it to daddy — it is light, has very good IQ and a very responsive and accurate AF). On top of it we wanted to upgrade her zoom as she is increasingly interested in nature photography to a Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM zoom, heavier than the precedent but much faster and with much higher image quality (believe it or not she’s at least as picky as her father when it comes to sharpness). Before purchasing however, I rented a version of the lens for a weekend from Camera Rental Centre which I can recommend for their hassle-free camera/lenses rental service.

We went last week to the Jurong Bird Park to try her new kit, whilst a couple of years ago she was quite self conscious about the stare of some adults seeing such a little girl with a big camera she has now accepted it and ignores it (though she’s still uncomfortable, she doesn’t care about it that much: daddy attracts more attention with his even bigger lens).


Since then, she got a LensCoat cover to protect her new lens and her camera looks the same as daddy’s 🙂

Here is some sample of her master work, she’ll start working on a blog as soon as her computer gets upgraded (yeah… she needs a more recent Mac so she can start using Aperture, she thinks that iPhoto is not fun enough for her and her old iMac suffers with the 18 Megapixels pictures) following the tracks of her mother’s with her blog in french. From where her parents stand, this is only the beginning 🙂

The Apple who didn't fall far from the TreeChristian C. Berclaz

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