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I’ve been rather quiet for a month (not just on the blog but also in real life) and here is why…
A few weeks ago, my wife, who manages her website, mentioned that she had been warned by her hosting service: she has too many files in a single folder and must be aware that soon the folder will be full… We are both using a great web authoring tool on Mac: Rapidweaver and apparently the way RapidWeaver handles blog entries is not ideal with certain hosting providers. I wouldn’t have this problem — just yet — as I only recently started blogging but for her, with years and years of posts, this is a serious issue, hence she’s looking around for a solution and decided to migrate to
As she was mentioning it to me, I got interested and started to look into the matter. Not that RapidWeaver does not work for me, but for what I wanted to achieve I was growing unsatisfied with how it manages galleries, how much efforts are required to maintain the pages, etc. So I decided to move too to WordPress, actually earlier than my wife (there is always a competitive part in me) which might prove to be an advantage as we will be able to continue supporting each other in our web activities.
You’ll ask me why not simply use one of the existing photo sharing platform available which are surely much easier to use and deploy. The simple answer is: because I wish so, those reading me for awhile should know that I tend to be geeky with IT stuff and I just like to learn new skills and gather new experiences, though I am not — yet — prepared to code HTML, CSS and PHP, working with a tool like WordPress gives much of the power of native coding whilst remaining relatively simple to use and giving access to under the hood code for customisation (I turned out that for certain parts I had to recourse to little CSS and PHP coding). There are also other reasons related to where I want to go from here and which I’ll share when the time comes, but foremost it is about keeping control and ownership of my photos without giving away the rights to any third party company to use them without even having to ask for it.
So here we are, a brand new website with number of cool features and a new way to browse through photos.
The new website is, I believe, straight forward, with a Portfolio section which will give some insights as to where and/or when photos are created, the Gallery section is intended to display photos in a simple naturalistic way. Then of course the blog and the About page. One cool feature is that it is now possible to login directly in the website to comment the blog and it will allow future features with a single sign on, also the registration can be made with the most popular social networks. Other cool features is that the website is not only “Responsive” — works indifferently on desktop, tablet or smartphone — but it is also Retina ready thus giving an unbelievable experience to those browsing the website with their Macbook Pro retina: the interface is now crisper and images just sing on that great screen.
Do let me know what you think and do tell me if you encounter any bugs I have missed to correct.
Photoanimalium on WordPressChristian C. Berclaz

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