Opinion: Street Photography iBooks

Can Street and Wildlife Photography be any more worlds apart styles? Well think twice…For many things they have more in common than reach the eye.

Photographers hunting for abstract shapes in cityscapes are working on similar basis as those visiting botanical garden and other manicured gardens for their images. Candid images of people created while walking the streets are not very different from images created while visiting zoos and animal parks, their impact is coming from the attitude of the subject, the eye contacts or some other remarkable contrast.

I’ve tried some street photography while travelling on holidays and I found it quite fun, but I’m not mastering the technique as well as my friend Rafael Perini.

Rafael is quite talented and published a couple of free books on the Apple iBook store: Street Photography (english) and Villa Boa de Goyaz (Portuguese, even if you don’t understand Portuguese, which is my case, images do not need be translated). Also with his young and very talented daughter, Isabella, he has published a very nice book Square Italy at a very friendly price.

I warmly recommend to support him with the three books!

Opinion: Street Photography iBooksChristian C. Berclaz

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