• Mandrill (female)
  • Black Howler Monkey (female)

Monkey? Who said monkey?

Don’t you love their expression? They can look lost in thoughts, angry or have their eyes full of curiosity…

Well, apes or monkeys there is little difference to most of us, except to the scientists, they are all primates. They are cute, some are smart (very smart), they look a bit like us, they surely take care of their youngs like we do, and they have more fur than us. Some even share a massive portion of our gene pool.

Me, I just love their facial expressions. You can read “curiosity” in the eyes of their babies and I’m not always sure what feelings to read from the adult faces but they do seem human.

I was lucky enough to capture some of them. Do pay a visit to the Mammals galleries and let me know what you think and tell your friends about photoanimalium.com.

Monkey? Who said monkey?Christian C. Berclaz

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