• Brahminy Kite
  • Common Myna

Langkawi 2013

I spent a few days in Langkawi and went chasing for bird for one day, with pretty good weather conditions and quite a bit of birds flying around that was a lot of fun!

I spend quite a bit of time playing with mynas on the beach of the Meritus Pelangi in Langkawi, with quite a bit of success and even if these birds are quite tame and common they are both beautiful and fun to shoot, also you would be amazed how close they come to you as soon as you lie on the ground to the point that they come even too close for the lens to focus (thankfully I had extension tubes in my pocket…)

Other than that, most other birds are more difficult to capture, but I got some good shoots that you can see in the Langkawi portfolio.

Enjoy them while I prepare the next batch from Bali.

Langkawi 2013Christian C. Berclaz

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