Cattle Egret

Bali 2013

It has taken quite some time and I am not yet finished, but here is a first set of pictures from my last trip in Bali…

I was particularly blessed by the breeding season of the Eastern Cattle Egrets which many of them, I learned there, are breeding in Petulu village north of Ubud. I was also told that the reason why there are so many egrets around is: their meat has a pretty bad taste and thus they are left in peace… It reminded me of what a Chinese friend told me when I asked him “What kind of wildlife is there in China?”, his answer was “There’s none, we Chinese ate it all”. Well, it seems that Balinese are a little bit more picky.

The new pictures can be seen in the Bali portfolio.

Bali 2013Christian C. Berclaz

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