After the rain: Juvenile Crested Goshawk

Shortly after a shower over the Singapore Zoo I was there to test a new lens (also see the Crimson Sunbird). As I was passing the white rhinoceros enclosure, I noticed a raptor on a tree which got me interested. It turned out to be a Juvenile Crested Goshawk which was cleaning and drying its feathers after the rain as the sun was making brief apparitions. Looking at its behaviour it is funny to see how at times the Goshawk is like a cat cleaning its fur and at other times like a dog scratching its ears. See how satisfied the bird looks while scratching its ear.

The images are not worth a prize but I thought the series interesting. They were created with a Canon EOS-5D Mark III with a Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS. Image where taken at ISO 200, f/5.6, around 1/800s and Evaluative metering +1 EV. The processing was basic with some cropping, exposure optimisation and detail extractor on the bird. I’ve not used noise correction as the Canon EOS-5D Mark III is extremely clean at ISO 200. However the image of the birds were all slightly underexposed and re-balancing the exposure increased slightly the noise on the bird.

After the rain: Juvenile Crested GoshawkChristian C. Berclaz

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  1. Frankie Lim

    Nice series. Love the sunning shot.

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